Elder Sisters

Elder Sisters are our guild‘s officers. They are the people you should go to for any problems you might be having or questions about raid seating. They also can do guild invites.

Big Sisters

Big Sisters can do guild invites.

  • Confess (aka Contrite)
  • Dawnstar (aka Fianna, Sumire, Glow, Zorya, Flutter, Pastel, Meerkat)
  • Kurai (aka Rhyann, Lathere, Sionell, Fortune)
  • Jaeliyah (aka Caake, Cupcaake)
  • Allurien (aka Saffron, Alyss)
  • Airre (aka Eurii, Lante)
  • Twix (aka Kayt)
  • Kokiron (aka Vaelan)
  • Sundamar (aka Adorael, Wrong)
  • Cammie (aka Silvertea, Kocoabean, Berri)