Raiding Information

Raiding Schedule

Daughters of the Alliance raids every week. We normally raid two days a week, on Friday and Saturday, starting at either 6:00pm server time (pacific time) or 6:30pm server time.

Signing up for Raids

In order to sign up for raids, first you’ll need to create an account on our raid site.

The password to create an account is wowladies.

The “wowladies” password should NOT be used for your account. Choose your own password for your account.

Once you have your account created and you are logged in, add your characters. Once you’ve done that, you should be able to sign up for any raids you like! Keep an eye out on the wow_dota LiveJournal community to find out when new raids are posted.

Raid Bank

The raid bank contains items received from raid instances (such as crafting materials) as well as enchanting mats. The raid bank stocks up on enchanting mats via our raids – all greens acquired during the raid are DE’d and placed in the raid bank.

Keep in mind that raid bank items are only available for raiding characters. If your character has not raided with the guild, you are not eligible for items from the raid bank. Mains take preference over alts for the distribution of items from the raid bank.

For special crafting materials, we ask that you only request the materials if you are prepared to make the item as soon as you get those materials.

The raid bank is available as the 2nd to last tab in the guild bank. Simply speak to an officer to request an item.

Raid Requirements

In order to be seated for a raid, you must fit the minimum requirements. Please read up on your class on and in order to be sure you are doing the right thing with your rotation, gemming, reforging etc. Please feel free to ask an officer if you would like any help!

In order to raid with us you must:

  • Use boss mods (BigWigs or Deadly Boss Mods)
  • Have a way to see and control your threat (default UI is fine if that works for you – if that isn’t enough please use Omen or another threat meter)
  • Be able to log in and listen on our Mumble server (no microphone required except for raid leaders)

Please note that through all of these requirements we assume that:

  • DPS are hit capped
  • Your gear is fully gemmed and enchanted (green quality gems are OK in blue gear, epic gear should have blue quality gems or better)
Tanks Healers DPS iLevel
Mogu’shan Vaults
460+ iLevel 460+ iLevel 45k DPS 460+
Heart of Fear 470+ iLevel 470+ iLevel 60k DPS 470+
Terrace of Endless Spring
480+ iLevel 480+ iLevel 70k DPS 480+
Throne of Thunder 490+ iLevel 490+ iLevel 80k DPS 490+