Deathwing Down & Happy 7 Years!

by Shaeldre
May 13 2012

Deathwing Down!Left to Right (sort of): Kelry, Ceres, Gruebane, Kokiron, Wulvrynn, Jordynna, Tisane, Rhyann, Cammie, Novuri

We’ve been quiet there lately, but more due to laziness than anything else. In the recent months, DotA has officially cleared all normal mode content for the expansion. We’re still working on Cammie’s legendary staff and Jordynna’s legendary daggers (though both are on the last long stretch in their quest chains) so hopefully we’ll have both of those legendaries soon!

We also just celebrated the 7th anniversary of DotA’s founding yesterday. Happy birthday, DotA!

Three new bosses down, and on to Firelands

by Shaeldre
Jul 21 2011

Nef kill

Grats everyone on the Nef kill!

Chimaeron and Cho’gall kill shots are after the jump. Read More »

Bye Bye Atramedes

by Shaeldre
May 10 2011

atramedes-downLeft to right: Hinapouri, Eilandra, Kereru, Karastrasza, Rhyann, Labu, Shaeldre, Angharad, Gruebane, Jordynna

Great job everyone on kicking Atramedes butt in a convincing and timely fashion! Afterward we headed to Chimaeron and gave him a piece of our mind, bringing him into his final phase a couple of times and getting a taste for the fight. We’ll bid him farewell the next time we get a solid night of attempts in on him; I’m sure of it. :)

Many Bosses Down, Left Side!

by Shaeldre
Apr 14 2011

DotA beats Ascendant Council!

It’s been a while since I’ve remembered to write here but nevertheless we continue to kill bosses and look pretty damn awesome while doing it. Here we have the remains of the Twilight Ascendant Council. It’s a little difficult to see, but the giant… belt? is on the left side there. Left to right is Shaeldre, Karastrasza, Novinha, Bryg, Rhyann, Kereru, Jordynna, LadyKahKah, Pinxy, and Cammie!

We’ve also killed Valiona and Theralion (a few weeks ago) and Maloriak! Getting some nice tries in on Cho’gall and Atramedes in the meantime. Hoping to be a little more timely with the updates after this!

Omnitron Defense System down!

by Shaeldre
Feb 26 2011


Ladies present: Zuulii, Ladykahkah, Tisane, Rhyann, Shaeldre, Pinxy, Bryg, Kereru, Kelry, Jordynna

Great job ladies! Congratulations to Tisane on Poison Protocol Pauldrons and Passive Resistor Spaulders!

Afterward we got some attempts in on Maloriak. I think it’s safe to day his days are numbered!