About the Guild

Daughters of the Alliance (DotA) is an all-female World of Warcraft guild on US-Bronzebeard.

We formed through the wow_ladies LiveJournal community (and as a offshoot of our Horde sister guild which was created a short time prior) in 2005 and have been going strong ever since! We are a casual guild that raids twice a week on an alternating schedule of weekdays and weekends.

DotA has a variety of members from all over the world, from the United States to Singapore to Germany and beyond. We are a large guild made up of many people who either have their mains here in the guild or have an alt here they like to escape to every once and a while.

If you are not on Bronzebeard now but would like to give us a try, feel free to roll an alt on the server and check us out. Please read the rules for joining the guild so you are prepared when it is time to speak with an officer.

Guild Ranks

Sister Mistress – This position is needed for guild organization, but all officers are equal other than that. See Elder Sister description for more details on what the Sister Mistress does.

Elder Sister – Our main officer position in the guild. Elder sisters handle guild invites, official raids, dealing with any problems that come up in the guild, and overall trying to keep DotA a friendly place for everyone. Feel free to chat with any Elder Sister if you have any questions or concerns about the guild.

Elder Alt – This rank is just for alts of Elder Sisters and otherwise is no different from that rank.

Big Sister – Big Sisters can do guild invites, but are normal Sister ranked players other than that. If you have any basic questions about guild membership feel free to ask them. However you should direct any bigger questions or concerns to Elder Sisters, not Big Sisters.

Sister – The normal member rank of the guild. Sisters have full bank access to every tab except for the deposit tab and can vouch for little sisters to join the guild. If a Sister has been inactive for 6 months or more, they will be demoted to a special Inactive rank with no bank access in case they get hacked while they’re away. They can be reinstated once they return.

Little Sister – Little Sisters are initiates in the guild. They have limited bank access, but if they need to get to items in an inaccessible tab they may ask Elder Sisters to get an item for them. They can’t vouch for new members. After a period of approximately 30 days there will be a voting post in the community to promote each little sister up to Sister rank.

Baby Sister – Baby Sister is a rank with no bank access. This is the rank we demote people to if they have been hacked, so they can remain in the guild until we are sure they will not be attacked again.