Jin’rokh Dead Again & 8 Years on Saturday!

by Shaeldre
May 6 2013

Jin'rokhLeft to right: Wrong, Vaelan, Gruebane, Honeypaw, Jordynna, Pinxy, Crunchyroll, Alaphrei, Berri, Nymphx

As expected, Jin’rokh fell again to the might of the DotA team this weekend, and this time we have pics to prove it. Congratulation ladies for your posing opportunity (and mad grats to the first team: Rashera, Kurai, Honeypaw, Miannya, Kelsin, Ana, Jordynna, Eliina, Adorael, and Cammie)!

In other big news, DotA turns 8 years old this coming Saturday! Can you tell we’re excited? We’re getting ready for the big party with a Mystery Trip and a Scavenger Hunt – See the Livejournal community for more info! (Must be logged in to see the Scavenger Hunt).

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