Happy Birthday, DotA!

by Shaeldre
May 12 2013

DotA Turns 8

DotA turned 8 years old on Saturday, and to celebrate, we held a party on Darkmoon Island. We danced on the boardwalk, took the stage at a concert, rode the carousel and duelled to the death! All in all, a great success.

Congratulations to all the Scavenger Hunt participants! Rosz and Elodie won overall, while Tisane and Eliina took home the award for Best Screenshot. Prizes will be distributed soon!

Keep an eye on LJ for the rest of our contest winners – DK Darts and Mystery Trip results have yet to be announced! Thanks to all who made it out, and and to all the ladies who continue to make DotA awesome! (Hint, that’s all of you.)

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