Kill ALL the Bosses!

by Shaeldre
Apr 14 2013

Sha of Fear
Left to right: Honeypaw, Adorael, Jordynna (gnome), Alaphrei, Pinxy (gnome), Berri, Merrily (gnome), Rhyann, Eliina, and Lia (in Sha’s mouth)

Long time, no post. And really, the only excuse is that DotA has been too busy making things dead! Today’s post features our recent Sha of Fear kill. Heart of Fear and Mogu’shan Vaults are also currently on the cleared list.

And in also awesome news, as of today, Jin’rokh is dead! No kill shot because everyone was too excited to stand still. It’s just a matter of time before we kill him again. Congrats to all the ladies!

Coming soon: DotA’s 8th Birthday plans!

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