Stone Guardians & Feng

by Shaeldre
Dec 8 2012

Stone Guardians

Left to Right: Jordynna (gnome), Nymphx, Jaeliyah, Pinxy (gnome), Lathere, Alaphrei, Sairstahaylu, Kahlika, Eliina, Auryona

We just finally started raiding last weekend and have had the pleasure of killing Stone Guardians  on 12/1 and both Stone Guardians and Feng on 12/7. Great start to the raiding season, ladies! Two evenings of raiding and two bosses down!

Feng the Accursed

Left to Right: Cammie, Sundamar, Sairstahaylu (draenei), Jaeliyah, Alaphrei, Jordynna (gnome), Kaidra, Kahlika, Eliina (draenei), Lathere

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